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I am a marketing and communications consultant. I am also the CEO & Founder of Tactile, a consultancy on a mission to support underrepresented founders. I have spent the past decade leading brand marketing and communications for media companies, tech startups, and lifestyle brands. I absolutely love what I do!


Prior to launching my business, I was the VP of Marketing & Communications for The New Republic where I helped a 100 year magazine reach a larger more diverse audience through a rebrand, growth-led communications strategies, and a revenue marketing strategy that generated 40% of the sales pipeline. I helped the Guardian define their place in the US market post-Snowden. I helped NewsCred pivot from a 20 person media platform to a 250-person content marketing platform that raised over 40M in funding – leading their rebrand and generating pre-sales marketing that won the business multiple 6-7 figure deals. I worked with AOL to lead an artist program and manage their portfolio of media brands, including, Huffpost, and the launch of MAKERS. 


In my media career, I have done creative strategy and content marketing for brands like Casper, SquareSpace, Ben & Jerry's, Hearst, Amex, WeWork, Pepsi, AB Inbev and more. Tactile has supported startups including Argent, Novella, Dripkit, Fabled, Par en Per, Cycles & Sex, The Collective (of Us), Modernist Financial, and more. 


Before my career in marketing and media, I worked in the arts, curated pop-up shows, and made lots of things. 


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